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KAWASAKI Z650 16-17 KAWASAKI Z650 Top Mount (16-17)

The SHAD Top Master fitting allows mounting a top case onto the motorcycle. It is a fitting specifically designed for each motorcycle model, taking into account its features. The result is a high quality product, comfortable, safe, and easy to assemble and disassemble.

Once you have the top master Ref: S0VS62ST on your bike you can install any of our top cases.

All Shad cases come with a universal mounting plate. The universal mounting plate does however not replace the bike specific fitment kit, which is specifically designed and made for each bike.

Installing the fitment kit gives the bike a base on which our universal mounting plate can be mounted to, then allowing the case to be removed when need it by one single operation.

Top Mounts are bike specific
Example of a top mounting fitting on a Honda ST1300 Bike:

Hardware Included: Yes
Universal Mounting Included: Yes

All of our cases come with a universal mounting plate, with other competitors this is an additional part you need to purchase.

Our Price: $115.00
SHAD 3P Mount System Kawasaki Z650 (16-17) Z650 (12-17) 3P Side Mount for SH36

The new 3P System side kit’s features are:

- Integrated design: The side mounting integrates itself better with the bike.
- Lightness: Less weight to cause nearly no change in the bike’s center of gravity, hence improving safety.
- Easy to assemble.

3P System for Kawasaki Z650 (16-17)
The new 3P Side Case mount allows mounting of SHAD’s new SH36 Side Cases on the Z650 Motorcycle by Kawasaki
3P Side Mount K0Z667IF $175
SH36 Side Cases $469

Our Price: $175.00